Do you want to know how to create an app for your business?


You must consider several things. The most important are: 

(1) what would be your business app functions?

(2) what are your goals for which your make an app?


✔︎ Mobsted app maker  FITS GREAT to create an app for you if:

  • Looking how to make a mobile app to improve your customer relationships – through mobile customer account, mobile help desk, online chats etc.;
  • If you want to sell a limited set of your goods and services, like 5 types of bottled water and 10 types of water filters.
  • Need to make an app for your internal business operations and for employees daily routine, like task management, HR issues, forms will up, work orders, inspections and many others;
  • Need to empower you mobile employees to accept payments from customers (mPOS – Mobile Point of Sale) through integrated merchant solution;
  • Need information exchange between a smart phone and your backend systems;
  • Need to reach as many mobile customers as possible;
  • Need ONE solution for your various mobile needs, not just a single app.

✘ Mobsted app maker IS NOT FIT for you to make an app if:

  • You are looking how to create an app with very unique logic interwoven with design, lots of movement, long and not straightforward functionality;
  • You are looking how to make an app to build a new business around it;
  • You need to create a game of any kind;
  • You need to make yet another mobile social app for supply/demand matching or renting, hiring, subletting, sharing anything;
  • Limit your choice to only what’s installed into a smart phone from App stores or because you need to send push notification to customers very often.

– In this case none of the codeless app maker platforms will help you create an app and you likely need a much more expensive solution. Our advice is to look for a good MADP, like, or hire professional mobile developers.



One Mobsted cloud app maker platform for everything mobile:

  • Create an app for customer account and service, it can work by itself, as your Help Desk in all mobile and desktop channels, or connect to your existing CRM, Accounting and Help Desk systems;
  • Make an app for repeat sales , where you allow a customer to reorder your service with one tap;
  • Create an app for offline promotions and engagements, where you connect your offline customers with your mobile deals and allow to order/pay right away;
  • Make an app requesting payments, where your customer gets an sms with a payment request and product link and can pay with credit card from mobile;
  • Create an app for HR, by providing your employees with the mobile way to interact with your HR department, with office procurement and IT department from the same mobile app;
  • Make an app for your employees to work in the fields and create work orders, fill forms on mobile, make estimates and invoices and send it to customers mobiles when needed.