Manage All Incoming Mobile Data
in One Smart Backend

It is auto created based on each app functionality

Use it in your daily business or intergrate with your IT

Simply Organized

Uniform looks for most business cases

Smarter Everytime

Automate more and more actions based on experience

Covers Most Needs

If there is no funcions that you need, just ask us

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Crucial Part of Any Business App

Uniquely organizes each app

Any events: issues, orders, payments, tasks, leads, deals, documents, forms etc etc are organized and named according to function, grouped and filtered for easy understanding.

Timelined events for each customer/object

Every object being serviced, be it a customer or vending machine has a story. Timeline of everything visualizes all past events for better decisions.

Review, Discuss and Act on each event

Read full history of any event, change statuses (pre-set for every type of event), assign employees responsible, discuss it within your team, insert actions, follow the results.

Trigger Power for automatic actions

For example, - if a balance is due in 3 days, send a reminder with a "Pay Now" button

For example, - send a text with 5% coupon to those who spent over $200 within 30 days

For example, - notify clients at Main St. 101 of repairs, if you get 3 problem reports in 1 minute

Great many more!!!

Control Team's Actions

For example, - notify if a customer request is unaswered for more then 3 hours

For example, - notify if a task given is not resolved within 7 days

For example, - notify if a request comes from a VIP client

Combines all channels into one space

  • Instant Mobile App

  • Facebook, Telegram, Kik & ServiceBook

  • Mobile and Desktop website

Keep your existing IT systems:

  • Accounting: FreshBooks, QuickBooks

  • Help Desks: FreshDesk, ZenDesk

  • CRM: ZOHO, SalesForce

  • IP Telephony: Asterisk, Mint, Elastix, FreePBX

  • Spread sheets: Google Sheets, MS Excel

  • Cloud storage: Google Drive, DropBox, Box

Integrated with Mobsted suit

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