Why Businesses don’t need mobile apps

The mobile apps strategy

It is a wide spread push around for a mobile first thinking. I am absolutely sure that for an offline brick and mortar type company the mobile first strategy should be very different from what some mobile apps developer companies are trying to sell them.

What’s left is account tools and quick customer interaction. Businesses relying on sales of products which is competitive can not hope for people to install anything which will be selling them staff. That’s a wrong tactic. Getting sales pushes and knowing that there is somebody around to help just in case is a totally different approach and a way to build trust.


History repeats itself? Years ago websites were built for no other purpose as to have it. Only then came the knowledge of how to make it useful, how to promote it, what to publish there etc. In our mobile century businesses get many offers to built their own mobile apps, in fact there is even an MLM pyramid type company selling the same mobile apps to businesses like butchers and sex shops by changing pictures and button names. Not kidding! But there is a great difference between a mobile app and a web site. Businesses putting any hopes into mobile apps are to be disappointed as they never were with a website.

Mobile phone is an intimate space

It is simultaneously a source of opportunity and of a great problem. There is such an amount of articles and studies describing what can go wrong, so it makes no sense to repeat anything. Smart phone screen space is the most intimate electronic channel and people only let in those dear to them. The results – 95% of mobile apps are used once-twice until a farewell, making app creation and support a financial burden and a risk. For most causes other then making an app a virtual business of its own.

Often businesses’ attempts to make the mobile app more “useful” by adding even less sense in a form of news or Facebook/Twitter feeds and developers gladly fulfill this useless task. But do you think people really want YOUR news, want to “really listen, instead of just waiting for their turn to speak”? – © Fight Club. Of course, some die-hard fans do, plus friends and family.

As more and more people consider a mobile service a 21st century norm of life, a paradox gaining grounds:  “Yes, please”, – they would like to have that instant mobile convenience everywhere. But, “Oh, no”, – they will think twice before letting you in by installing anything. Don’t take our word for it, find a Google’s take on this – instant and progressive apps.

Competing with specialized mobile apps makes no sense

No AppStore is needed for mobile appsThere is a team of overpaid professionals behind many of them with the daily task of kicking the competition. No wonder that only 200 mobile apps, out of a whooping 1.6 million of official app store count, own more then 70% of eyeballs time.

Don’t recreate anything that “Pro Apps Club” already has. If you goal is to complement your current real world operations with mobility then stop at that! Make it short, concise and clear. Make your mobile front office for customers into a “one-glance actionable dashboard”. Show them all the important current info, like payments due, days left, orders in progress, and let them act upon it.

Business must be findable on a smart phone, not in browser.

Average person already uses 27 apps, so if your business’s app has a low chance of being on “A” list, then you should be aiming at something else. Think of good “education” – it is not just about remembering everything, but more about knowing where to quickly look anything up.

Do what you have done before with web search – make sure people have many ways of quickly finding you and getting serviced right away. Only this time it should be smart phone centric. If 50-70% of online search is done from a smart phone, then the only thing you should think about is how to preempt a browser search and be instantly found by your customer.

Solution for real life business is a mobile front office, not just a mobile app.

The same unified front office should be everywhere at once. It is the only way to reach as many people as possible. Some will let you into their intimate home screen space by putting your icon there, some will prefer a mobile instant messenger chat bot, others a services oriented ServiceBook, yet many will still access you from a browser or just save your contact with an access link.

Easy right? All you need now is up to 10 different IT systems and 3-5 people! Or you can use Mobsted Mobile App maker – the only do-it-yourself cloud solution in the world that can do all that at once.