What is the best way to create a mobile app prototype?

Creating mobile app prototypes

So what’s a prototype? It is a simulation of the final product. It is an interactive mockup that can be as complete as you need it. If the purpose for building prototypes is to test if the flow of the product is smooth and consistent because investing money into the real thing right away is not prudent. Would then having a prototype as close to the real thing as possible be a main goal? But if you spend so much time prototyping, HOW do you stay prudent in your spending?

If prototypes breathe life into a design and provide insights into the user interaction as well as leads to many unexpected discoveries and innovations that may or may take the project further down quicker, then HOW do you keep all the work already made and convert it into a real working app without any extra work or coding?

Our answer is a codeless Mobsted App Maker for creating mobile app prototypes that actually already work 100% the way you need and then improving that same app prototype based on discoveries into an app ready for distribution.

Platform description

Mobsted platform is geared to making it fast and efficient to launch mobile apps carrying various customer centric mobile solutions. There over 16 known use cases, which are built and run on the Mobsted platform, from a Customer Mobile Portal to a Visual IVR. The 100% visual app maker is a central piece of the “Mobsted rapid life cycle” and is used to build/change apps; connect apps with end-user data; to deliver apps to end-users in whichever channel they are; to configure backend and use it to interact with user generated content.