How to free up human resources with an employee self service app?

Employee Self service mobile portal

Employees are as important as your customers, and many companies place their own people before customers in their decision-making. And all claim that people constitute the success the company has. Yet, so few small medium companies actually do treat employees better then customers and create convenient mobile tools for company-employee interaction! Most stop at automating work processes related to customer service, not employee service.

Linking all business processes into one system is even more rare. We have working ideas of how to fix that quickly and economically within our Mobsted Mobile Suit. It has a Self Service app for Employees and can carry on many other internal business processes on smart phones.

All roles in one Eco-System

Mobile self-service works for all employees, still it is only a part of general operations, with many other business functions being as indispensable. Each person within a company can be either ordering a task or fulfilling a task. In essence each person is a “customer” of some other process within a company. For example, an IT person can request a tax form from an accounting person and be requested to fix a printer problem by the same accounting person.

It is counter productive to make employees jump between various apps for either daily routine or rare tasks. It wastes time and effort. Moreover, it is expensive to support many mobile app systems at once. Obviously a single platform capable of unifying most taskswith a single interface is necessary. Letting both the above roles of IT and Accounting use the same app, improving speed and efficiency. Employee Self service portal

Mobile employee self-service portal Use cases

The system must be flexible enough to re-construct almost any kind of business process in a mobile format. Below are the most common use cases, which can be quickly set to work in any HR service:

  • HR: employee book with rules to read and confirm; fill any forms, for example a change of address, sick leave or vacation request; payroll questions to make; tools to manage cases between HR specialists; tools to get periodic satisfaction surveys from employees.
  • Technical Help Desk: set up access to all business systems; request password reset; request help with any software, hardware or networking; service office equipment, for example a printer;
  • Procurement: order stationery; exchange uniform; order anything else and observe usage limits
  • Accounting: report expenses for any task, trip or job; report time and materials spent; attach photos of checks and bills or geo-locations;
  • Business processes: a fantasy flight with many types of internal operations added, like sales reports, data from the fields etc.

Mobile employee self-service portal Works everywhere

Making employees install anything on their own smartphones is always a hassle. There two ways to solve this:

  1. Authoritarian – to ONLY accept any requests through the employee portal;
  2. Flexible – to have the same portal available in all kinds of mobile ways at once to make sure each employee accesses an HR service in a convenient way; meaning an instant app for employees, a channel in FB Messenger, Telegram, Kik or ServiceBook, a mobile version of your website or a simple link stored in employee’s smartphone contacts.

A combination of 1 and 2 will produce the quickest result in term of raising business effectiveness and employee satisfaction.

Advantage over e-mails or phone calls

A main ONE is a difference between order and chaos. Taking down a human factor by automatically registering a request in a certain structured way means nothing will be “accidentally” forgotten. Treating employees like customers also means setting some SLAs for a reaction time. A number TWO is the same as making a mobile app for customers – quicker employee service, available right from the pocket, right when a question comes up. Expect getting more questions at first, because many questions remain unasked if it takes too much effort to ask. A system should allow you to judge which areas are the most problematic, so you could change your internal procedures, to improve employee satisfaction.

The conclusion

Making a mobile portal for employees is a good step to their efficiency and satisfaction. A smart phone is always in the pocket. It is a structured way to work with employee requests. It can be supplemented with other internal business operations for a maximum positive impact. It is a quick and smart way to handle at least all HR, Technical Help Desk, Procurement and Accounting issues and cases. Mobsted Mobile Suit is built to mobilize your workforce with the Employee Portal, Mobile Tasks, Field Data Collection tasks and more in the most flexible and custom way, when necessary.

By Alex Burlitsky, CEO,