Creating an app for business’s customers

History repeats itself? At first, websites were just there. It took some years to understand how to use and promote these, what to publish and so on. In our mobile century business gets offers to built mobile applications, there is even an MLM type company selling the same mobile app to businesses like butchers and sex shops by changing pictures and texts. Not kidding! But businesses putting hopes into mobile apps are to be disappointed as they never were with a website.

  1. (1) Phone screen is an intimate space
  2. (2) Human memory is a limited resource

1. Mobile phone exists in the intimate space

Personal_Spaces_in_ProxemicsIt is simultaneously a source of opportunity and of a great problem. The reason always boils down to – smart phone screen is the most intimate electronic channel and people only let in what dear to them. The results – 95% of mobile apps are used once-twice until a farewell, making most app creation and support a financial burden and a risk.

As more and more people consider a mobile service a 21st century norm of life, a paradox appears: “Yes, please”, – people would like to have that instant mobile convenience everywhere. But, “Oh, no”, – they think twice before installing anything. Don’t take our word for it, find Google’s take and most recent development on this – instant and progressive apps.

Relying on a mobile app alone will keep 60-85% of your mobile customers unsatisfied. You need to be thinking about all possible ways a customer can reach you from a smart phone.

2. Human memory is limited, free it, not load it

Don’t compete with pro apps, do only what’s yours!

Mobile app built for Internet and TV service provider

Mobile app with account info for a premium clothing chain

There is a highly paid team behind many of them and still, only 200 mobile apps, out of a whooping 1.6 million of official app store count, own more then 70% of eyeball time. Don’t fight for attention – you will loose; for example, businesses often think adding a Twitter feed makes their app more useful. Do you really think people want YOUR news? That they want to “listen, instead of just wait for their turn to speak”? – © Fight Club.

Instead, your goal should be to complement your real world operations with mobility and STOP! Make it short, concise and clear. Make your mobile front office for customers into a “one-glance actionable dash board”. Free up some brain memory for customers and show all the important current info, like payments due, days left, orders in progress, and let them act upon it. For example:


Business must be findable on a smart phone, not in browser.

Average person already uses 27 apps, and it would be generally difficult to remember where is yours. Since getting on that “A” list is extremely difficult, you should be aiming at something else.

Like with web search before, make sure customers have ways of quickly finding you and getting serviced. When 50-70% and growing of online search is done from a smart phone, then the only thing you should think about is how to preempt a browser search and be instantly found on a customer’s mobile.



So to overcome these two fundamental issues, make your business app for customers “available everywhere” and “one-glance useful” and “findable”! Easy, right? All you need now is up to 10 different IT systems and 3-5 people with the knowledge of how to put it all together. Or you can use app maker – the only do-it-yourself cloud solution that does all at once.

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