We are a start up of almost 10 people. We are changing the way small and medium business works with mobile technologies. Our software is undergoing extensive testing within several commercial organisations, a town and a university.

We are looking for:

  • On boarders. Location – USA
    On boarders. Location – EU

We offer:

  • 1) be at the very start of a great team working in a very promising territory;
    2) if you are both hands on and able to grow a team around, you could head up a whole region or a world’s industry;
    3) stock option packages tied to performance;
    4) be able to work from home.

A combination of the following knowledge will work the best for us:

  • + experience as a business consultant, you will need to understand what business needs in order to help them
    + experienced with all kinds of mobile applications and services, you need to be educated on how IT works
    + experience in customer support
    + ability to imagine solutions to what business needs
    + ability to create and understand complex logic in b2c interaction
    + experience in teams creating IT projects in any form (web projects, mobile apps, other software)
    + knowledge about inner workings of at least one industry mentioned on our site