Convert your e-mails database into a smartphones database

Stop communicating
in e-mails


Let people select an instant messenger instead


Its simple - reach in messengers is much better.

Instant messages are opened 4 times more than emails.

Communicate in messengers
with our smartphone geared marketing tool

That and much more:

Track who already converted to a mobile channels and who did not, act on that
Answer questions in a mobile messenger chat to convert people to ordering your product/service and paying for it quicker
Introduce easy mobile sharing for people to involve their friends, family or co-workers in their decision making
Create all the mobile content you need, like promo pages or info blocks in a simple drag and drop interface

If needed: push your offers to customers

Talking to customers without calling them to action right away rarely makes sense.

Send customers actionable offers right into their smartphones. Be it your coupon or your invoice.

Guide customers to action through funnels

Automate your contact with each lead. For example, auto-ask if they need to know more after 2 days since the initial message.

Use automatic actions based on the stage of each lead, for example - auto-remind that a shopping cart needs payment.

Communicate in messengers
with our smartphone geared marketing tool

You also could be interested in getting the same effective mobile messenger leads directly from:

your online ads

your website pop ups

QR codes in your offline marketing

Convert e-mailing base into a mobile one

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