Add a Mobile Self Service for Employees

Smart mobile employee

HR + IT + Accounting


Employees must get serviced as good as are customers

HR, IT & Accounting

Set an automatic logic for cases to be routed

Part of Mobsted Suit

Add more employee related capabilities, like task dispatcher

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Why Mobsted Mobile Employee Self Service Portal?

Employee Book

Mobilize rules, procedures, important information and frequently asked questions. Make all of it searchable.

Payroll issues

Convey all payroll info and welcome questions. Allow changing relevant information, like an address, a marital status or tax deductions.

Case Management

Route incoming cases from employees to those responsible. Allow collaboration on cases between departments. Text questions to employees for more info within each case. See cases history.

Technical support

Use a built in Mobile Help Desk to provide assistance with office equipment, with e-mails or your own software, with passwords and many more.

Requests, Forms, Surveys

Have employees fill up standard requests for, say, stationary. Ask to fill forms required at any stage of their employment. Conduct periodic surveys.

Expenses and Hours Logs

Have employees log numbers, photos, geo location data. Run approval process for any data or just collect it. Discuss any issues within each submission with text for quicker decisions.

Your employee self service is in

  • Your Instant Mobile App

  • Facebook, Telegram, Kik & ServiceBook

  • Your Mobile and Desktop website

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