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Why Mobsted Feedback and Surveys?

Ask for it after any contact

Doing it quickly and without the pressure of a human presence will greatly improve honesty and quality of responses. Dot it after a purchase or a product delivery, after a phone conversation or at scheduled intervals

Set auto-responses based on rating

This can be a smiley face for a top rating or a request to explain something in greater detail for a not so good one

Be greatful for Feedback

This can be something extra of your service, discount for the next visit, or a simple personal thank you note

Send requests through different channels:

We automatically route your messages asking for feedback based on what we know about your customer preferences

  • SMS

  • Your Instant Mobile App

  • Facebook, Telegram, Kik & ServiceBook

  • Your Mobile and Desktop website

Works with your DATA:

  • Accounting: FreshBooks, QuickBooks

  • IP Telephony: Asterisk, Mint, Elastix, FreePBX

  • Google Docs and Google Sheets

  • Cloud storage: Google Drive, DropBox, Box

Integrated with Mobsted suit

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