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Save Time & Money

all mobile channels & tasks

  • Create any business logic once, get all channels.

  • Start with a needed template. Customize without coding.

  • Use mobile photo/video sharing and built in payments.

smart automations

  • Save resources and get quicker results

  • Auto form or schedule events based on any data

  • Use AI for text/speech to connect people with actions

integrated back office

  • Add a mobile solution for your team to fill any forms or pull up any data on the go.

  • Auto dispatch customer requests to your team's mobiles or desktops and track SLAs.

  • Use pre-built connections to popular business software. Easy API for anything else.

Make Customers Happy

let use what they like

  • Don't make people remember how to reach you

  • You must be everywhere important at once

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

respond instantly

  • A customer needs a quick info if its from a mobile

  • Show what customer likely needs right away

  • Using AI processed voice is quickest ever

never forget a thing

  • Auto communications from customer data lifts loads

  • A history of event, no matter the channel, helps

  • Not sure if we fit? Read about each solution or contact us.

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Custom Made for Rent is a Game Changer

Our team will make it and you ONLY rent it if you like it.

Both you and us can afford it for 2 basic reasons:

Our platform is so powerful, yet simple, that we build most business cases in under 20 hours, without expensive developers. Same goes for any changes.

We already know great many mobile business cases and that knowledge is in our templates. Thus we do not spend resources for making it over and over again.

Be Everywhere Your Mobile Customer Is

It is not about being in App Store and Google Play!

It is about your end customers:

There is no way more then 15-30% of your customers will instal your app from app stores. Smart phone screen is a limited and intimate space.

Even those who install it will forget it soon with a 95% chance. For many reasons, from not liking it, to simply having too much to remember.

You have to be findable everywhere, in all mobile channels, and let customers use what they are used too.

You Need to Manage Incoming Mobile Data

Hosting and tech is kid's stuff. Making back office work is not.

To make your back office work you need:

Organize your incoming data according to app's pupose by types, groups, tasks, employees responsible

Create workflows of what each piece of data does, where it goes and how people can act upon it

Control everything that needs to be done about incoming data, set tasks for employees, notifications for customers

Dual Controlled with Voice Recognition AI

Tapping is easy, but just calling out functions is easier

What happens for it to work:

All buttons and other actions which you create in your app are organized into categories and each category is assigned with voice commands.

In time it learns of additional ways that people call on each function, you just need to guide it a bit sometimes

When user says or types whats need to be done, the system recognizes the intended meaning and pulls up necessary data

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