Build your leads with customers smartphones.
Campaigns, too!



Lasso all your leads into a single mobile database from:

Convert e-mails database into a mobile one, to get 4-x messages through
Snap leads by replying webpage visitors in online chats, to reach them later on
Add mobile leads from all types of online advertising including Social Media ads
Hook mobile leads, not e-mails, from web popup forms, for better future reach
Connect QR codes in any offline printed materials to generate mobile leads
Get leads from incoming phone calls made from people's smartphones


Each lead will use a favourite messenger

Most customers are mobile. Lasso your access to their smartphones is the best way to reach them further down the road. Messengers are the best tool for that.

Pull leads through funnels

Automate your comebacks to each lead. For example, --> auto-ask if they need to know more after 3 days since the initial contact.

Improve your funnels with automatic actions based on the stage of each lead, for example, --> auto-remind that a shopping cart needs payment.

Push and visualise deals to your leads

Talking to customers without calling them to action, rarely makes sense.

Send customers actionable deals right into their smartphones. Be it your coupon or an invoice.

Set all up in a single visual online tool!

  • Сreate campaigns from templates of coupons, gifts, subscriptions and other goods. Modify anything to fit your needs in a simple visual tool.

  • Create your own templates for your recurring campaigns for maximum brand awareness.

  • Segment customers based on any data you have about them or based on their actions from any of the previous campaigns.

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