Smart mobile messaging and marketing


1. Send bulk, but personal mobile messages!

Address every customer by name, but also place in a segment of any kind, based on everything you know about that customer.

Message each segment with whats most likely to be of interest to them. This way you will get the most out of your messaging campaigns.

2. Guide to the action inside your message!

  • Offer customers not just to read your message, but to SEE it and to make an action with it, - for example sign up for a visit or buy a coupon right there.

  • Do not make customers do anything extra, like call you, look for your address or website BEFORE the purchase. It is bad for the funnel to let them time to forget of your offer.

3. Decrease cost of future contacts!

Start with a guaranteed, but expensive messaging channel, - SMS and gradually convert customers into very reliable and totally free channels - instant messengers. Let customer choose which messenger is best for all future communications. You don't need to bother who uses what. Worry about content, the system does the rest.

4. Improve funnels every step of the way!

  • Every move you make until a customer makes a purchase must be based on customer's prior actions. Reach with the correct message at every step of the funnel.

  • For example, if a message is not opened, - send other offer in 20 days. If opened and selection made, but purchase is not finished, - send a friendly reminder in 1 hour.

  • See every message to a logical completion.

5. Set it all the way you want in a visual online tool!

  • Start campaigns using sets of templates for coupons, goods, gift certificates, subscriptions. Modify anything to fit your needs.

  • Create your own templates and actions for funnels to fit your unique marketing campaigns.

  • Visually build customer segments based on any data you have, including their past actions in any of your campaigns.

MOBSTED - Smart mobile marketing messaging and much more.

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