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Why Mobsted Multi Channel Help Desk?

Help Desk + Customer Portal

Answer simple requests. Go further when needed by switching a help desk into a full customer portal with account dashboard and actions available.

One Help Desk - all mobile channels

  • Instant Mobile App

  • Facebook, Telegram, Kik & ServiceBook

  • Mobile and Desktop website

Chat with Media sharing

Switch into online Chat with the customer when needed. Use that same chat feed to discuss the issue at hand within your team. Speed up communication by sharing photo/video of problems and solutions.

SLA + Multi-Tiered

Set speed of customer service per each kind of issue and auto uplift issues to the next tier based on delays or difficulty.

Self Help with Knowledge Base

Upload texts with your FAQ or point to it's online location. Make it searchable within any channel of your Help Desk.

Works with your DATA:

  • Accounting: FreshBooks, QuickBooks

  • IP Telephony: Asterisk, Mint, Elastix, FreePBX

  • Google Docs and Google Sheets

  • Cloud storage: Google Drive, DropBox, Box

Integrated with Mobsted suit

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