Set Mobile Payments Your Way


In many ways

Add Auto Actions

Grow Sales

Easy to set up and to use

Supports PSPs:

Stripe, Braintree, PayPal

Supports mPOS

iZettle, SumUp

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What kinds of Mobile Payments are there?

Mobile Register, No Card Reader

Your mobile salesmen simply select goods or services and send a payment link to customers smart phones

Mobile Register + a Card Reader

Same as above, but payments are accepted on card reader terminals, which are purchased separately from iZettle or SumUp.

Payments in application

Pre payments, closing payments, periodic and automatic payments, workflow payments

Mobile Invoicing

Create invoices or estimates. Send it to customer's mobile phones for payment. Veiw reports and send reminders.

Get payments with one tool from:

  • Instant Mobile App

  • Facebook, Telegram, Kik & ServiceBook

  • SMS and e-mail invoicing

  • Mobile and Desktop website

Works with your DATA:

  • Accounting: FreshBooks, QuickBooks

  • Google Docs and Google Sheets

  • Cloud storage: Google Drive, DropBox, Box

Integrated with Mobsted suit

Ready to Mobilize?

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