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Don't just be there for
your customers

Grow their emotional
connection to you!

Know what's wrong

Analize the incoming knowledge for pearls

Change yourself

See how it affects customer requests way before financials

Keep customers

Make every customer the most valuable one

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Why Mobsted Online Chat?

Mobile first system

Most customers are mobile and so are employees. Give them what's convenient. Use mobile powers for faster solutions.

Chat + Customer Portal with Help Desk

Chat with an unknown customer or ask for any ID (say, phone number) to switch into a full customer portal with account dashboard and helpdesk

Media Sharing and co-browsing

All is faster when communication becomes visual. It is in smart phone's natural powers to interact with media.

Available Everywhere

  • Your Instant Mobile App

  • Facebook, Telegram, Kik & ServiceBook

  • Your Mobile and Desktop website

Works with your DATA:

  • Help Desk: FreshDesk, Zoho

  • IP Telephony: Asterisk, Mint, Elastix, FreePBX

Integrated with Mobsted suit

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Custom made solutions from $99/mo



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