Send a Visual Phone Menu

aka Visual IVR

What visual IVR means:

On incomming cell
phone call

Text caller a link to a
visual menu

Caller gets info or
sends a request

Easy to implement

Your system administrator can do that in one day

100% ready to go

Sms center, visual constructor, call center - pre integrated

Custom everything

Your branding, your rules, your logic

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Why Mobsted Visual IVR is a smart choice?

Save time and money

Save NOW on telecom fees for customers waiting on the line.

Save in the FUTURE by showing off a faster customer service on a smart phone

Grow emotional ties

Delight customers by not making them listen to a voice menu or wait.

Connect the right person to the customer when your agent already pulled up all the info needed

Integrated with your data

  • IP Telephony: Asterisk, Mint, Elastix, FreePBX

  • CRM: ZOHO, SalesForce

  • Google Sheets

  • Integrated with Mobsted suit: Customer Portal, CRM, Mobile Payments

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