In our mobile century there are two simple things, which point to how customer centric a business really is. One – how easy is customers’ access to it, and two – how fast is the problem solving. People have become fans of mobile everything. It makes sense. There is nothing quicker then pulling out a mobile phone right when you need something. That’s why in 2016 major search engines started downgrading websites without a mobile version. But that’s not the reason to embrace mobility! There is a better one – a Mobile Help Desk is the best tool for keeping your existing customers.


Easy mobile access is more knowledge and less competition

2_opMobility helps to know more about customer’s issues and complications if they can let the heat out right away. Giving time to cool down is loosing that chance to making everything right. Of course, business can invest time and money looking for customer’s opinions on the ultimately public Internet and in social networks. But should not that be the last resort? Mobilizing a Help Desk can solve this and provide much new knowledge. If customers have a quick and zero hassle way, they will start giving the unfiltered information right from the action arena more often then ever before. The only task left for business would be to react and look for gems in that hay of feedback.


Getting into customer’s phone helps fending off competition. If a help desk takes over 5 seconds to access, then Google could find somebody else to help and sever your connection with the customer or even have you pay, looking for a new one. Unlock the phone, locate an icon, tap. This kind of speed will surely grow your initial mobile help desk into a full-fledged business-customer interaction tool. It could include important quick actions, like “Repeat Last Order”, “Fill a Survey”, “View last Bill”, “Change a plan”, “Request a charge back” etc. In fact a mobile Help Desk will become a part of a mobile front office, which is always in a customer’s pocket.


Speed and quality of solution is customer satisfaction

5_opMobility is the fastest known tool. That’s an axiom. One thing though – business should make it a paramount importance to react quickly. All mobile customers expect back that instant interaction, that’s why they are not using a postal service. So a mobile help desk needs automatic tools showing a customer that all gears a moving. These can be an auto response, notification of any changes or of a responsible person set. Just don’t keep them waiting.


Response quality is a second part of how fast is a solution. Mobile Help Desk invokes basic smart phone functions, like photos and video to improve communication. The interaction becomes quicker when a customer attaches a photo proof and views a video response of a fix. No more time wasted for back and forth verbal or written mambo jumbo. Mobility gets your Help Desk to the level “80”.


Here is an idea – payments within a mobile Help Desk! If customers ask about their bills and balances why don’t let them pay right there? Speed up turnover and make it easy for them. Consider setting up rules for automatic payments, like monthly dues, or if a balance too low, to keep all interactions even quicker.


Mobile app is not enough

4_opNow. Is this about mobile apps? Is it all you need? No and No. Apps by businesses are proven to reach a very few customers. Average person already uses 27 apps and only 200 apps out of 1.6 million own most of eyeball time of the world’s population. There is a contradiction – most customers consider a mobile service by business as a modern norm of life, but only “die hard” fans would install anything. It makes no sense to chase anybody. There is a way around – make the same Help Desk instantly available in every possible mobile way, meaning, – an icon on a customer’s phone screen, a mobile web site, all instant messengers (Facebook, Telegram, WeChat etc), ServiceBook etc. Don’t ask customers for the effort – to search for an app, install it or worse to create logins and passwords. Deliver them the mobile front desk in whichever way they like.



We at make easy to use tools with very low or zero start up costs for transforming your Help Desk service into a modern Mobile Front Office to help emphasize your allegiance to customers. Instant multi-way availability, media language, payments and other automations will help to create a valuable customer-keeping weapon.