Deliver Highest Results to Your Clients and Yourself

Sell Working Solutions, Not Costly Licenses

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To Start Selling Applications,
You Only Need:
  • - HOURS LEARNING the platform's technical organization
  • - HOURS OF BUSINESS ANALYTICS to determine app's functionality
  • - HOURS TO ASSEMBLE the app in no code app maker and connect it to external data
Drive business with apps for Marketing, Customer Service and Internal Business Operations.
Invent New Ones
Earn an additional monthly cash flow
  • 1
    Buy Wholesale. No Front Fees.
    • Make and run apps for any number of your business clients
    • Pay wholesale price for all of your client's end users, all together (not per app or per client)
    • Do not pay anything before your client starts using the solution you built
  • 2
    Sell Retail. Use Your Own Pricing.
    • Set your own retail price for the solutions you build and run for each business client
    • Keep all the financial relations with your clients to yourself
Platform Technical Details
  • Single source - you only need one source for web applications for all screen sizes and apps that can be installed on mobile, tablets, desktops, on Win, Android and iOS.
  • Dockerized - fully deployable as SaaS or on client's servers with Docker with NO additional investment for paid servers, databases or other software
  • Quickest time from idea to market - count days and hours, not weeks from the project initialisation, as well as from any decision to change to the working project
  • White label features are available in certain markets.
  • Industry security standards protect your end-users and your system, including built-in HTTPS, JWT, CSP, OAuth 2.0, External IDs, SRI, 2FAs, and so on.