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Frequently asked questions
Does this work for Android and iOS?

The app itself is installed on both kinds of phones.

However some of the functionality is different. For example, Google allows sending Push messages directly into PWA for both mobile and desktop, but Apple only allows Push for MacOS, but not for iOS. Our platform mitigates this by automatically detecting the user's device type and providing for iOS users a choice of instant messengers, instead of App Push for Android. This allows to cover a significant part of user base.
Can I create several apps for one website?

Thats the power of PWA and its high conversion rates. You can use different sections of the same website, as each apps' starting pages, to give different user groups different starting points. You can also turn the same website into many different apps, each with own icon and name for best user segmentation.
Do I need to integrate my site anywhere?

Your same site content becomes your app. We "wrap" your mobile site into the PWA container and you only need to link your users to this container for them to install your PWA app.

You can link users by placing "Install our app" buttons, banners, on your site, using your current CMS system, or by sending links to app, as part of your marketing or service messages in email and sms.
Do I need to invest into technical support for this app?

You only continue to support your mobile website and work with the app links you get from us. Our platform takes care of all changes to Android and iOS that are released by Google and Apple, to make sure your app continues to work properly.
How do I place this app into app store?
You do not.

The beauty of Progressive Application is that it allows direct installs, without an actual download. That feature provides a better installation rates, compared to the app store. However, we will add ability to upload into Google Play, as soon as.

Check HERE the explanation of why this works.
What are technical requirements for my website to be converted?
1. It has to be mobile responsive, meaning - have a mobile version of it.

2. It has be able to open in iFrame, which most sites do already. You can check it quickly after your Sign Up, by pressing "Check your site" button in your App's settings.
Can I get my own domain name in app links?

It can look like a subdomain on your own website, i.e. or This requires some manual set up. Please contact us for this procedure.
Where can I find the full tech docs, before starting?
The technical docs on our PWAless Web to App converter is located here -
How can I get API docs to create apps of sites on a fly?
This features are only available to partners. Please contact us to implement this for your system.
Your question is not on the list?
We will answer it as soon as we can. Please try the online chat available on this site or drop us an email to [email protected]
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Retain Users with Install & Push Prompts
Add the app's link to buttons & pop ups on your site to prompt app saving

Prompt users as often as needed, at right times during their journey on your site, i.e. - "save your shopping cart as app"
Set up Saving Prompt for more installs
Install the App
Push messages to iOS and Android users. Note, that you will need to pass your user ID in URL.

Let users select the best channel to reach them - messages are routed according to a user's choice

Send Push using platform's interface or APIs to address each user with a targeted message

Set up Mobile Push Channels to reach your users
Android prompt
iOS prompt (more soon)
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