Mobsted & PWA news

  • Great news for PWAs. The iOS 15.4 Beta has web push notifications in experimental features. Feb-2022.
  • The first iteration of the world's largest PWA app store is finally released after almost 1 year of WWW crawling work. Dec-2021.
  • An overview of a large study our team did during 9 months on "How PWAs are actually doing around the world". Sept-2021.
  • New PWA Partnership
    for E-commerce
    A new partnership with e-commerce platform Thousands of shops will soon be able to go PWA with one click. Mar-2021.
  • In addition to the PWA Website Wrapper, you can now add our PWA JS Capsule to Convert your site into PWA. Best for most complex websites. Jan-2021.
  • From now on, build apps for any screen size, any operating system, for browser and installed, all from a single source - Mobsted v3.2 is here. Nov-2020.
  • PWA game is changing, forever! You can convert a website into a progressive web app in under 1 minute, without doing anything to the website itself. July-2020.
  • A new tool to improve Progressive Apps saving rates. Get more users with a simple tool on your PWA enabled website in minutes. May-2020.
  • Have a look at what flexible and visual tools our v3.1 has to offer for PWA building over v3.0. Feb-2020.
  • A great article by David Rousset. Explaining why most PWA myths are wrong. Oct-2019.
  • PWAs seems to soon become a killer mobile tech for e-commerce with at least 20% sales loss every minute that PWA it is not part of a shop's architecture! Read on why. Aug-19.
  • Building m.uber: Engineering a High-Performance Web App for the Global Market
  • PWAs and native apps: detailed comparison. When do you need to create a PWA or a native app.
  • Apple doesn't want the PWA Web Platform to eat the App Store business. What about Google?
  • A case study on Western River North Hotel delivering the best mobile user experience on the Web with Progressive Web Apps
  • 25% increase Avg time on page, 260% more leads 56% improvement in Average Page Download Time (sec)
  • Milestone's increased Black Friday bookings for leading resort
    Milestone boosted the resort's black-Friday conversion rate 53% by leveraging PWA speed and notification benefits
  • trivago invest in PWA for a better mobile experience
    The next billion users: trivago embrace progressive web apps as the future of mobile
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  • Amazing success of Nikkei (Japan)
    New level of quality for 450 000 monthly visitors doubled page views per session

  • Leading UK clothing brand: 31% conversion growth
    What difference speed increase and "Add to Home Screen" prompt can make for is a leading UK clothing brand
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  • Treebo's PWA launch boosted conversion by 300%, return rate by 200% by dropping their mobile median interactive time to 1.5s.