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Receive extra net income

Invest ZERO cash
You will get the right mobile PWA tech

Provide a new innovative product line to your business clients
Do you have loads of businesses using your software and those businesses each has many consumers? For example:
- a beauty shop booking software
- an ISP billing software
- an auto dealership CRM system
- an insuarance backend software
- any other business backend
Mobsted PWA mobile front is the best help to businesses reach those consumers, not a native mobile app.
Does you software manage operations for your clients, and their employees need to be on a go with their tasks? For example:
- a shop management software
- an HR system
- agency or MLM related software
- an educational institution software
- etc
PWA tech is the best choice for your business clients to have their own mobile app for their employees.
Types of Cases
1900+ customizable apps
New app starts in 30 minutes for any ISP using this billing software

Apps are branded with logos, name, inside colours and are customizable for each of the ISPs with the functions they needs

Includes such functionality as a mobile customer service, recurring payments, account management, etc
Integrated with the billing software for home internet service providers (ISPs)
1200+ templated apps
App deployed in just under 5 minutes for any housing management company using the solution

App has a standard logo on a start, but allows changing it, automatically adjusts to correct name

Functionality includes monthly payments, utility meters, history, document flows, communications
Integrated with multi tenant housing/apartments management solution based on 1C-ERP
Check out the Case Study below: beauty shop booking software
Case Study - 18 700 beauty shops
IS with PWA Mobile App
WAS on Native Mobile App
cost of the branded native app per each shop
900 shops
paying the $120/month cost
new cost - for the same branded app, but on PWA tech
6 000 shops
700% more went for PWA
+ $ 108 0000
monthly revenue from 900 shops
$ 49 000
monthly net from this operation
- $ 59 0000
monthly expense to make and support branded native apps
+ $ 240 0000
monthly revenue 6000 shops
$ 205 000
400% monthly net benefit to you
- $ 35 0000
monthly expense to make and support branded PWA apps
600 users per shop
was the average number of loyal users who installed the app
~ 20 cents
a cost per user per month
1900 users per shop
is the number of consumers who see shop's logo on their phones
~ 2 cents
1000% benefit to your business clients
you, clients, consumers
Learn how we can provide a perfect solution for your business clients, with no cash investment on your side.