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"Apps without apps": no installations,
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Learn why PWA is a better way for most mobile apps


"Progressive Web Apps is a new way to deliver amazing mobile user experiences. Relyable, fast and engaging, this new level of quality allows them to earn a place on the user's home screen."

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"It's a hybrid product that exists both on the web and can be added to your homescreen with all the great features of an app, such as offline capability, performance, etc."

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"A progressive web application takes advantage of a mobile app’s characteristics, resulting in improved user retention and performance, without the complications involved in maintaining a mobile application."

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Go further with Mobsted Multi-Channel PWAs

Offer each user to get your app in any mobile channel. Let them use what they already like.
From your app icon on their smart phone
From any instant messenger
From sms in response to a phone call

Check how ready is your site for multi-channel PWA

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Companies, small and large rely on mobile apps daily
  • The beauty is that when we need to update - it is a simple job with Mobsted and all changes are delivered to all our customers at the same time. No moderation, no updates. PWA apps by Mobsted rule!

    - Charles Maxwell
    Orange Blossom Development
    Orlando, USA
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