As PWAs are getting more and more into our lives, and as acceptance always starts bringing in bad actors, using PWAs to lure in people into shady transactions, we decided it was time to start a long way to a source of truth and trust, to insure the future for our favorite technology.

In 2020 we started discussions on HOW can this be done and a New App Store came up every time. However, we tended to think there was something wrong with this idea. The purpose behind PWAs was to get rid of app stores, to free developers from all the layers of extra work, to allow having a true single source for all kinds of devices and users. AT least those were our goals when we came up with a PWA-like idea in 2014 in the first place. And in 2020 we came back to an AppStore - felt like a step back at first.

Took a bit of time to realize, that this tool just must be very different from everything else out there. It should not lock anyone in, should be managed independently of billion-dollar corporations and their shareholder interests.

So in Feb 2021, we started building our database of all PWAs around the world, and now Dec 2021 we are releasing the first most basic layer of functionality - the catalog itself and plan to do much more, soon.

Alex Burlitsky
Chief Editor, CEO, Founder
What is is the world's largest and free catalog of PWAs.

The plan is to make it an OS independent, community-sourced and self-supported. To make it into a source of trust and truth for users, into a source of income and prosperity for app developers.

It is 100% automatic - a special search crawler goes over 300 million domains, finds PWAs, then re-checks if PWAs stay active and valid.
Main functions - current 1st version
As of December 24th, 2021 upon the initial release, the AppNova is just a catalog of about 600 thousand progressive web apps from around the world.

Catalog as many of the apps as availble.

Open these apps to search engines

Description of each app, whenever possible

The main page:
A sample page of each app:
Main functions - upcomming version
During the Q1 of 2022 we plan to gradually add the following functions, data for which is mostly already collected:

- Categories of apps

- Most popular apps overall and per category

- Search by various parameters of the Catalog, including key words of each app

- Detailed info on each app, including traffic, screen shots, languages, search positions

- Ability to manually submit apps that our world wide web search missed

What does this mean?

We plan to make the AppNova app store fully usable by a general user to find needed apps, just like they do on iOS, Android, Samsung and other app marketplaces.
Main functions - future versions
We plan to make this into a community effort. At the moment we see major directions:

- Create Secure API and Widgets
To allow websites to securely show App Nova data for their app on their websites, so users can see ratings, trust flows, actual usage stats and many other things while making the "add app" decision

- Add App on AppNova (AAA)
This function depends on highly anticipated browser API from Google team to allow for trusted external installs, so that users would be able to add an app right from AppNova without visiting the website.

- Create a Marketing and a Blockchain Revenue Share System
To allow people working around AppNova to make it into a their life's work, we plan to create a marketing system, where app developers can advertise their work and people supporting the AppNova share that revenue based on blockchain based multi factor system.

- Attract a Professional App Review Community
To act as anti fraud tool and as a marketing tool, at the same time, we want community reviewers to build their own trust flows and own fun bases and to help them make a living out of making PWAs one of the best tech to work with.

- Open for more ideas
Please connect to us, if you want to participate in the future of the AppNova!
Twitter @alex_burleh, alex at, telegram - @burleh, facebook - alex.burlitsky