As far as new features, there is so much that it could have easily been v 3.5! But we decided that 3.5 will be where we update all blocks of the platform in one release. So left it for sometimes later in 2020.

Version 3.1 does not have any new visible things in the Progressive Web Apps department. Under the hood though, a different story. (1) we greatly improved on how our dynamic app data is updated on a background, (2) we increased speed of app's work so much, that we had to slow it back down by 0.25 seconds per each user action, to make sure a button press is visible to a user.

Anyway, our goal is to constantly make PWAs better and faster and easier to make from start to end. So, here is Mobsted version 3.1.

Alex Burlitsky
Chief Editor, CEO, Founder
Mobsted 3.0
Mobsted 3.1
Add-ons/Upgrades on the
#1 Progressive Mobile Apps
  • Flat menu, way less sub-menus or search for sub-systems

  • Intuitive division of top level functions (General, Integrations) & per app functions (App Setup, App Data)

  • Total location visibility & mouse over hints for elements
    More intuitive UI of PWA app builder, less clicks:
    New menu feel and logic
    • We are absolutely ecstatic & joyful of it!!!

    • Now, the old mode with all the data refs is called "Layout Edit". A new "LIVE EDIT" lets you edit, review & ... actually USE the app right there, perform actions as users, with all the dynamic data.

    • Not just a WYSIWYG, its the LIVE WYSIWYG
    New & amazing LIVE EDIT mode
    • New side panels, logically divided to left and right, can be managed to create best set up for each task
    • TOTALLY NEW - Screen Tree, with the full structure of a screen, easy elements selection, and drag-and-drop
    • New complex elements added, like slider, tabs, side menu, et
    New work spaces

    New learning experience

    • "Do-to-learn" scenarios, to learn in step by step action
    • General walk through scenarios of interface and sub-systems

    • Detailed walk throughs for every sub-system of the platform

    + 3 sample apps in every account:
    • DESIGNS app, showing various modern mobile designs, all codelessly made
    • TASK manager app in 12 languages, a copy of a mobsted powered app used by a major manufacturer
    • DEMO app, a self learning tool, that starts with most simple steps to make logic and connect data
    • Clone selected parts of any existing app into new one in your account

    • Clone app and it's full data, including users and events and all data tables to any server

    • Update many clones of an app from a single source app, without loosing users/data in recipient apps
    • Send any app from your account into any new Mobsted account
    New ways to re-use your work:
    Re-use apps by copying between accounts or servers
    • Create your own catalog of templates with logic and design

    • Push any screen and it's full setting & content from any template app into any other app on your account
    Re-use screens from your apps
    • Copy visual settings from one element to another

    • Copy actions and API calls from one element to another
    • Create parent-child relationship for designs/actions of any elements, for example, design and setup ONE button as a template and connect any other buttons to it as parent source
      Re-use element's setup & GLOBAL designs
      • Re-use the same messenger bots for many apps within one server. Users of different apps will see only their own authorised content.

      • Connect the same messenger bots to many apps of your business customers, if these bots perform one and the same business function, for example, accept a rental payment.
      Re-use messenger bots between accounts
      • All API methods used internally to modify the app's data are now simply available as element's actions

      • A Postman file is added to API providers sub-system, so you can download it and use in Postman
      • A history of API calls from your apps is now built in, so you can double check that all works fine
      Re-use your APIs and our Postman collection
      Account 1
      Account ...
      Account N
      Same Bots
      • A deep upgrade our Custom HTML/JS element:
        • Now, it works with any data or any entity on any app screen on the platform through #hashtags#
        • Now, it works with any WebAPI, and can connect to all available sensor

      New Limitless App Logic & Interfaces:
      • Now you can visually manage and edit ALL DATA TABLES in the platform
      • It is a dynamic tables set, just like Users and their Events, which you can visually edit and call anywhere within your app
        & more visual data tools:
        • Now you can create ANY INTERFACE you want, even a mobile game.
          • Custom backend PHP code - for even more complex integrations & logic, for example, to integrate your own payment provider or to take more business logic away from front-ends.

          • "Mobsted_Pay" - for US, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan markets. Zero coding, zero paperwork for secure card and ACH payments in app.

          • Upgrade of PWA app saving widgets, for easier edit, more flexibility and greater PWA retention funnel.
          Upcoming Developments: