Mobsted 3.0
Mobsted 3.1
  • A lot was updated
  • New things added
  • More soon to come
  • Flat menu, way less sub-menus or search for sub-systems

  • Intuitive division of top level and per app functions

  • Total location visibility & mouse over hints for elements
    Way more intuitive interface, way less clicks:
    New menu senses and logic
    • We are absolutely ecstatic & utterly joyful of it!!!

    • Now, the old mode with all the data refs is called "Layout Edit". A new "LIVE EDIT" lets you edit, review & ... even use the 100% same app as users, with the dynamic data.

    • Not just WYSIWYG, - a totally LIVE WYSIWYG
    New & amazing LIVE EDIT mode
    • New side panels, logically divided to left and right sides, can be managed to create best set up for each task
    • TOTALLY NEW - Screen Tree, with the full structure of a screen, easy elements selection, and drag-and-drop
    • New complex elements added, like slider, tabs, side menu, etc
    New work space
    • A sample app in every new account, starting with logic and abilities of a platform
    • "Do-to-learn" scenarios, to learn in step by step action
    • General walk through scenarios of interface and sub-systems

    • Detailed walk throughs for every sub-system of the platform

    New learning experience

    • Clone selected parts of any existing app into new one in your account

    • Clone app and it's full data, including users and events and all data tables to any server

    • Update many clones of an app from a single source app, without loosing users/data in recipient apps

    • Send any app from your account into any new Mobsted account
    New ways to re-use your work:
    Copy any app, anywhere
    • Create your own catalog of templates with logic and design

    • Push any screen and it's full setting & content from any template app into any other app on your account
    Re-use screens from your apps
    • Copy visual settings from one element to another

    • Copy actions and API calls from one element to another
      Re-use any element's settings
      • Re-use the same messenger bots for many apps within one server. Users of different apps will see only their own authorised content.

      • Connect the same messenger bots to many apps of your business customers, if these bots perform one and the same business function, for example, accept a rental payment.
      Multi account messenger bots
      • All API methods used internally to modify the app's data are now simply available as element's actions

      • A Postman file is added to API providers sub-system, so you can download it and use in Postman
      • A history of API calls from your apps is now built in, so you can double check that all works fine
      Built in APIs and Postman collection
      • Deep upgrade of Custom HTML/JS element, so it will work with any data in session through #hashtags#

      • Connections of elements, so an element could serve as a design source for other elements
      • Visual workspace for the "Lists of Tables" sub-system and deep update of Objects & Events.

      • Simpler ways for complex integrations, with consecutive calls and intermediate logic, for example, to integrate your own payment provider

      • "Mobsted_Pay" - for US, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan markets. Zero coding, zero paperwork for secure card and ACH payments in app.
      Upcoming Developments: