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  • Progressive

    Looks and feels of a native app

  • Accelerated

    100% score by GTmetrix

  • Multi-channel

    Icon on a home screen, all messengers chat bots, mobile web

  • Cross-Platform

    Auto optimised & OS agnostic


Why mobile web apps is THE way for B2C?


"Progressive Web Apps is a new way to deliver amazing mobile user experiences. Relyable, fast and engaging, this new level of quality allows them to earn a place on the user's home screen."

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"It's a hybrid product that exists both on the web and can be added to your home screen with all the great features of an app, such as offline capability, performance, etc."

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"A progressive web application takes advantage of a mobile app’s characteristics, resulting in improved user retention and performance, without the complications involved in maintaining a mobile application."

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Mobsted's mobile web app maker - changing the game!

Build UI

link to data

Drag and Drop,

Manage Users/Data

invite users

Manual Entry,
Import from csv, xls,
API connected


collect data

SMS & Chat bots,
QR Codes,
Short links

Configure Back Office

Auto created for all
user generated content.
Flexible to fit any needs.

Progressive Mobile Web App development is reduced to: 1 - 7 days

Build progressive web apps from scratch or template

  • Hosted in High Performance Cloud

  • Codeless Drag & Drop Mobile App Maker

  • Visual or CSS styling

  • Render user-specific data using simple #tags# anywhere in text

  • All requests are in built-in mobile backend service and linked to user data

  • 35 visual components, including mobile payments, messaging, surveys, tracking & funnels, chat bots, VoIP

Manage mobile app users, their data & security

User Manager in Mobsted App Maker Create Smart Filter in Mobsted App Maker

User Manager

  • Unlike any other platform, Mobsted mobile app maker pushes personal login links to existing user base through sms text, chat bots, e-mail and QR codes and helps users save the app for the future use.

  • Any user data structure can be set up without coding in no time. Just add and configure any number of columns and the app maker sets up the database in a built-in backend service.

  • Import and re-import data from CSV, Excel files, Google Docs or connect real time data through over 100 pre-integrated APIs.

  • Configure "Smart Filters" to segment users, based on their data and/or actions within the mobile app. Refer to filter's results in UI with simple #tags# or setup automatic Trigger actions.

Data Manager

  • Store 1-Many, Many-Many data

  • Visually create application-wide and/or user specific tables for any data-hungry apps, like product catalogs or pricing models, etc.

  • Any piece of data within the Mobsted mobile app development platform can be managed manually, from the platform's interface, or by API

Built-in security

  • Set up WHO can access the mobile web app, based on business requirements, with a few clicks in our mobile app maker

  • Make complex security rules

  • Security rules visualization

  • Rules are based on: user source, app wide or user specific pin codes, geo location, network location, number of times app is used

Deliver mobile web app to users with built-in distribution

Distribute mobile app Distribute mobile app
  • Invite/allow only a known user or let anyone register with a few clicks in the app maker

  • No app-stores or downloads, so user's access, plus your deploy and changes are quick and hassle free

  • Integrated messaging - Twilio, MessageBird, MailGun, SMSC, Push

  • Integrated VoIP connections - Asterisk, FreePBX

  • Track and act on who's invited, who opened, how, when, where

  • Manage SEO settings to open your PWA to search engines

Invite by text message

By individual QR codes

User 1

User 2

User 3

By e-mail

By missed-call response system

By social sharing

Anchor into user's smartphones in many ways/channels

  • To reach as many users as possible, the same mobile app must be accessible in ALL MOBILE CHANNELS.

  • Use app maker's built-in channels for users to anchor/save apps:

Your app icon

Link in your contact

Auto created popular bots

Your website: access form + a missed-call response system

Built-in backend to interact with users and content

Online back office,
not just a backend service

  • Recieve data from users without coding anything, because mobile app backend is auto generated and is flexible to fit each business app needs

  • Track any data points, such as app opens, funnel flows, form fills, data submissions, login sources and many more

  • Organise and segment any data points with powerful smart filters to create business dashboards or interfaces for each of you mobile web apps

  • Set what data is visible in what format in each dashboard

  • Create and use statuses to follow all incoming events into completion

Role based interfaces

  • Create as many role interfaces, as a mobile business app needs

  • Set what data can accessible in what role, to what team member

  • Set who is responsible for each data received from end-users by treating it as "orders" or help desk type "requests"

  • Let the team work from both - web desktop and/or from role's specific mobile business app

Automations & workflows

  • Set auto triggers and notifications based on any real time data/content appearing in your mobile web app

  • Automate both Mobsted internal calls and external API calls

  • Use flexible cron based scheduling for tasks

  • Create operation chains, for example, "when a VIP-category user from Boston presses a Button, set high priority to the request + e-mail a letter confirming the order, BUT - if it fails, send sms, if it fails notify admin via Slack"

  • Make SLA dashboards right within the mobile backend service with notifications upon failing any of the standards

  • Connect to your IT systems with pre-built APIs or use Mobsted's internal API generator

  • The beauty is that when we need to update - it is a simple job with Mobsted and all changes are delivered to all our customers at the same time. No moderation, no updates. PWA apps by Mobsted rule!

    - Charles Maxwell
    Orange Blossom Development
    Orlando, USA
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