We are happy to announce a new PWA tool was just released, which is the first step towards a wider PWA ecosystem for Mobsted. This solves a great issue for great many new PWA websites - the right app saving procedures, without wasting time and money on experiments, research or development.

We call it Better PWA Saving Widgets. This is essentially the smart PWA custom saving prompts. What it does - brings in more users for two great reasons - (1) users understand value in saving the PWA app, (2) this works for all form factors (like phone, or tablet or desktop) and all operating systems (like iOS, Android, Windows). So, no user is left out of app saving process.

Alex Burlitsky
Chief Editor, CEO, Founder
New PWA tool Released:

More users for all PWAs, not just the ones made on Mobsted.
Why we made this tool?
We see how many PWAs appear and happy that such an important direction for the future of the web is catching up. However, most new Progressive Web Apps are loosing majority of opportunities to anchor an app in users devices, because saving is not taken care of. With this product we cover all headaches in a simple codeless solution.

There are several underlying reasons:

(1) Human reaction to popups
We all know how annoying are different kinds of pop ups, and notifications and bars and email collector forms, etc. As the result we, users, learned to quickly close anything that asking for something. Without bothering to read. This is how we treat system's Push notification requests from websites, as an example.

The Android's native app saving PWA prompt is no different. It instantly pops when user on a page, without letting first get any value from the page, without explaining users any value from saving the app, without explaining what would happen when they press "Add" app button. The result is simple - user just closes the prompt.

So our Progressive App saving prompts mitigate that through visual and text explanation of what needs to be done, why and how.

(2) Non Android+Chrome users
Depending on a country Android takes on between 55% to 95% of the market. Which means that up to 1/2 of all users are lost right away. That is especially true for iOS users, where PWA can function, but there is no direct way to save it to home screen. The same is also true for some other browsers, which people use.

So our PWA saving prompts detect the screen size, the operating system and the browser of each user and follow them on a right path. It shows system tied saving for Android+Chrome and Windows+Edge and shows the right video instruction for every other combination, factoring in mobile/tablet/desktop differences as well.

(3) Wrong timing
The value of saving the PWA website as an app is most often not conveyed at the right moment. Without seeing a value, the app will not be saved.

Think of a e-commerce example, it is one of the best to illustrate the case. When do you think is the best chance to get users attention:

Lost installs for most PWAs = lost users = lost value
Why are installs lost?
What could you do for your PWA?
You absolutely need to bother with custom PWA saving prompts. Whats the reason you made the progressive web app in the first place? For it to be installed! You can go through all hoops and experiments yourself, or you can trust our codeless solution, where all hoops and experiments were done already with a great number of user. After all, our goal is your best and fastest way to mobile.

You can learn more about this great tool here.

(a) "Here is our app - save it" - on a home page
(b) "Save our app to get promos and discounts" - on the product page
(c) "Save the app to track your order" - when the order is placed
(d) "Save your shopping cart as the app" - when a first product is added to it

It is pretty obvious that prompting user with "B-C-D" is makes more sense, than a pulled out of context "A". So we allow you PWA to be saved under many different pretences, maximizing the saving funnel.

  • Making it easier to connect from any JS library

  • Statistical tools to better understand your install funnel

  • Dynamic data feeders to better target saving reasons
    Upcoming for PWA Saving Widgets: