Full Stack Visual Mobile App Builder
Multichannel-PWA 2.0
How it works
Build UI
Codeless WYSIWYG maker, automatic UI "nativication"
or custom code HTML, JS, CSS
Manage Users/Data
Manual Entry,
Import or API connected
Tie auto actions and logic to data
Messenger Chat bots,
QR Codes, Short links
Use Back End
Auto created for all
user generated content.
Flexible to fit any needs.
  • Optimized in a cloud for High Performance (<60 mili second TFB)

  • Codeless Drag & Drop Mobile App Maker with custom code in HTML and JS

  • Visual or CSS styling

  • Connect interface to any data within the system using simple #tags# anywhere in text

  • All requests are in built-in mobile backend service and linked to user data

  • 35 visual components, including mobile payments, messaging, surveys, tracking & funnels, chat bots, VoIP

Build multichannel progressive mobile web apps 2.0 from scratch or template

  • Unlike any other platform, Mobsted m-PWA 2.0 app maker pushes personal login links to existing user base through sms text, chat bots, e-mail and QR codes and helps users save the app for the future use.

  • Any user data structure can be set up without coding in no time. Just add Objects, Events and Lists and the app maker sets up the database in a built-in backend service.

  • Import and re-import data from CSV, Excel files, Google Docs or connect real time data through developed and documented REST API

  • Configure "Smart Filters" to segment users, based on their data and/or actions within the mobile app. Refer to filter's results in UI with simple #tags# or setup automatic Trigger actions based on Filter results.

Manage mobile app users, their data
& security
User Manager
  • Store 1-Many, Many-Many data for Objects (app users), Events (actions & data inputs) & Lists (static and dynamic data)

  • Visually create application-wide and/or user specific tables for any data-hungry apps, like product catalogs or pricing models, etc.

  • Any piece of data within the Mobsted mobile app development platform can be managed manually, from the platform's interface, or by REST API

Data Manager
  • Set up WHO can access the mobile web app, based on business requirements, with a few clicks in our mobile app maker

  • Make complex security rules

  • Security rules visualized & based on: user source, app wide or user specific pin codes, geo location, network location, number of times app is used

  • All apps are auto protected by industry standards, such as HTTPS, JWT, CSP, OAuth 2.0, SRI
Built-in security
  • Invite/allow only a known user or let anyone register with a few clicks in the app maker

  • No app-stores or downloads, so user's access, plus your deploys and changes are quick and hassle free

  • Integrated messaging - Twilio, MessageBird, MailGun and others for SMS, Push and emailing.

  • Integrated VoIP connections - Asterisk, FreePBX

  • Track and act on who's invited, who opened, how, when, where

  • Use Server Side Rendering (SSR) features to open your PWA to search engines
  • Built-in invitation methods: text messages, QR codes, e-mail, website form, social share, VoIP triggers, missed-call numbers
Deliver mobile progressive web app to users with built-in distribution
Invite users by text message
By individual QR codes
By missed-call response system
By e-mail
By social sharing
  • To reach as many users as possible, the same mobile app must be accessible in ALL MOBILE CHANNELS.

  • Use app maker's built-in channels for users to anchor/save apps:

Anchor PWA apps into user's smartphones in many ways/channels
Your app icon
Link to your contact
Auto created popular bots
Widget for multichannel app saving on your website & a missed-call response system for your VOIP
  • Receive data from users without coding anything, because mobile app backend is auto generated and is flexible to fit each business app needs

  • Track any data points, such as app opens, funnel flows, form fills, data submissions, login sources and many more

  • Organize and segment any data points with powerful smart filters to create business dashboards or interfaces for each of your mobile progressive apps

  • Set what data is visible in what format in each dashboard

  • Create and use statuses to follow all incoming events into completion

Built-in backend to interact with users and content
Online back office,
more than just a backend
  • Create as many role interfaces, as a mobile business app needs

  • Set what data can accessible in what role, to what team member

  • Set who is responsible for each data received from end-users by treating it as "orders" or help desk type "requests"

  • Let the team work from both - web desktop and/or from role's specific mobile business app

Role based interfaces
  • Set auto triggers and notifications based on any real time data/content appearing in your mobile web app

  • Automate both Mobsted internal calls and external API calls

  • Use flexible cron based scheduling for server side tasks

  • Create operation chains, for example, "when a VIP-category user from Boston presses the "Order" button, set high priority to the request + e-mail a letter confirming the order, BUT - if its not opened, send sms, if it is not opened - notify admin via Slack"

  • Make SLA dashboards for user's in-app actions right within the mobile backend service with notifications upon failing any of the standards

  • Connect to your IT systems with pre-built APIs or use Mobsted's internal API generator

Automations & workflows
  • Create as many different widgets as needed, for exact tasks and for exact spots in apps. For example, in a e-commerce app, you may only want to capture user's messenger Push at the moment of a first checkout step.

  • Widgets can contain PWA saving and/or messengers, and/or Push notification permits, app saving instructions.

  • Set per widget conditions on when to show it, for example on a certain user action or if a user has saved the app, but did not allow Push, yet.
Multichannel Access Widget Builder