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We increased our ROI by 3700% switching away from our native app to Mobsted multichannel PWA platform
A. Artemyev,
CEO "Brusnika Housing Management"
x 15-50
SaaS platform to visually build and run PWA apps for Android, iOS and messenger bots.
Installation rates and thus usage numbers are unreachable for native mobile apps
Far lower total costs of ownership (from 3 to 5 times) comparing to native mobile apps
Property management company
Used Mobsted PWA to:
Mobilize tenant accounts, customer care, bills and payments.

Monthly users
Install rate
Overdue payments
Hi Speed Telco for B2B & B2C
Used Mobsted PWA to:
Connect to clients on appointments for service & installations

Total users
1 M+
No show rate
Error rate
Get started with Mobsted platform for FREE
Our platform is free to try, has everything needed inside, quick and easy to learn and use, and can be integrated with your backend systems
Small & Medium Businesses
Mobsted visual app maker and templates, together with educational videos and our team support will let you build any app for your business or for your clients in just a few days.
Digital Agencies and Integrators
Surprise your clients with a new efficient way to mobile apps, that needs no budgeting and provides them a great ROI. A familiar to you stack cuts on your learning curve.
Large businesses & Enterprises
Efficiently solve your business critical issues, while getting premier support, deep customisation, free prototyping and on premisses deployment, among other options.
Main Features
Application can be launched by a smart link delivered via online or offline channels (both mobile and not)

Automatic and Intelligent authentication (users don't need to do any extra steps)

App installs itself super fast on the first launch and offers users easy to remember options of how to access it (including home screen and instant messengers)

Push notifications and instant mobile messengers are used to maintain two-way communication and to get users back, when needed.

Convenient for Customers
visual front end tools, to create and modify functions and design of an app (cutting programmer's man hours)

automatic back-end data structuring and codeless tools to make all the changes

codeless mobile app automations and tools to generate data about anything your users do

users roles & permissions for end users, app making, or accessing data generated in it
Easy & Efficient for App Owners
One system contains all it takes to cut both resources and time to market

Works as SaaS in our secure cloud with servers choice on all continents and can support businesses at scale

Can be deployed in private cloud via Docker technology

Has REST API, which supports most types of APIs and has a built-in reusable API operations maker
Powerful at Roll Out & Integrations
WHAT IS a basic PWA
It's a very new standard that combines the most desirable features of native mobile apps and of mobile website:
— no downloads, installations, updates
— launches from an icon on home screen
— works offline
— has a smooth feeling, quick scrolling, built in navigation and works well on all devices
We have been working with the PWA like approach since 2014, even before the term itself was born. Current PWA standard has many limitations. We believe that the new approach should not be limiting itself to mere Web Standard. It must provide businesses and consumers with choice of how to use the app, seamless and deep functionality and a variety of instruments for all types of mobile based business processes.
Therefore not only current flaws of PWA standard sholud be addressed:
— limited offline mode
— stand alone authentication and navigation issues
— limited communication capabilities
— security issues due to basic HTTPS usage
But also, the following must be introduced as "m-PWA 2.0" next gen standard:
— choice for users among multitude of channels to access the app
— single source code with native like elements for any OS
— built in app distribution capabilities
— other issues
PWA is gaining momentum
«Progressive Web Apps is a new way to deliver amazing mobile user experience. Reliable, fast and engaging, this new level of quality allows them to earn a place on the user's home screen.»
«It's a hybrid product that exist both on the web and can be added to your homescreen with all the great features of app, such as offline capability, perfomance, etc.»
A progressive web application takes advanage of a mobile app's characteristics, resulting in improved user retention and perfomance, without the complications involved in maintaining a mobile application.
Get started with Mobsted platform for FREE
Our platform is free to try, has everything needed inside, quick and easy to learn and use, and can be integrated with business backend systems